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Перевод: tag speek tag

свободный конец; болтающийся конец; ярлык ; этикетка ; бирка ; признак ; наконечник ; штифт ; металлический наконечник на шнурке; петля ; ушко; заключение; конец ; заключительная часть; эпилог ; слова, произнесенные под занавес; заключительные слова речи или монолога; мораль ; избитая фраза; рефрен ; припев ; игра в пятнашки; игра в салки;
прикреплять ярлык; снабжать ярлыком; назначать цену; следовать по пятам; соединять; связывать; прилагать; скреплять; добавлять


  1. Normal hospital procedure is to tag a baby on its wrist within 10 minutes of its birth.
  2. With an average of 10,000 tennis playing members in his clubs alone, Lloyd has hit upon the formula which by its very success, is speedily replacing the "traditional" tag which had so burdened the British tennis club over the years.
  3. WWF Wrestlers, Tag Wrestlers and Ring - around 4 for figures and 20 for ring.
  4. This is why it is essential that they should wear a collar with a name tag attached at all times.
  5. The 29-year-old has constantly been dogged by controversy and has earned himself something of a rebel tag.
  6. Note the solder tag at one of the T1 fixing lugs.
  7. There was the swapping of the number of her Penthouse Suite at one of her own New York hotels for her inmate tag, number 15113-;054.
  8. It wants to be less reliant on the depressed shipping industry but it also wants to shake off the tag of being the world's market of last resort and is determined to win safer contracts.
  9. In a new age of philistinism, when everything has to wear a price tag, the beauty and wonder of the world of nature have low value in the market place.
  10. To cut the fat out of the Classic's price tag, Sun will adopt a policy historically alien to the computer industry, the "no dicker sticker" that American car makers like General Motors and Ford are experimenting with.
  11. As you've found out, optimistic employers often do put a "25-;35" tag on their vacancy advertisements, but newspapers are not the only source of opportunities.
  12. Meanwhile, Marie, 27, and fork-lift driver Peter, 24, found a wrist tag with the correct surname and an ankle tag with the Bursey's surname on the baby they had named Gemma.
  13. Sometimes children place a symbol or name tag on a bottle at the beginning of the day to label their own.

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