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Перевод слова

Перевод: switch speek switch

прут ; хлыст ; фальшивая коса; накладка ; переключение; коммутатор ; поворот ; изменение; выключатель ; переключатель ; коммутационный аппарат; стрелка ;
ударять прутом или хлыстом; стегать прутом; отстегать прутом; махать; размахивать; резко хватать; выключать; включать или выключать; менять (канал); меняться; переключать; переключаться; переводить на другой путь; направить в другую сторону


  1. He turned off the main light switch and put on the bedside lamp, and against the lamp he propped an old brown photograph.
  2. Switch off the TV sound and watch the newsreader; do this every night for a week.
  3. Switch holes - Dangerous when open.
  4. I thought we could switch on the yard lights and have it outside."
  5. " directly reminiscent of the existence of the individual in infancy before he could talk readily, when everyone was bigger and stronger, when chairs and tables were mountainous and had sharp injurious edges, when he could flood the dark universe with light if someone lifted him to press the switch, but when usually his greatest efforts were ineffectual to change anything.
  6. Tom Schuller, senior lecturer in continuing education at Warwick University, says that this "third-age entitlement" would enable the over-50s to switch careers, to continue working longer and to preserve their independence.
  7. The historian-punter would be sitting in bonds (which have rallied in the past few months) waiting patiently to switch back to equities, starting cautiously in the middle of this year, and so to ride the bull market of the mid-1990s.
  8. On 7 September an Alert No. 1 ("Cromwell") - i.e. invasion expected within twelve hours - was sent out in Britain, following the interception on 5 September of Goering's order for a mass raid on London docks, involving 300 bombers - a switch from the target of the battered airfields.
  9. The ears are very hairy and the switch is long and full.
  10. "People who can must start over Christmas by getting out of their seats and using the switch when they turn off the TV," said FoE energy campaigner, Mr Simon Roberts.
  11. On the front panel of the selected case can be mounted the main On-Off switch, a neon indicator lamp, the "volts out" control (or switch system) and the output terminals.
  12. It is possible to switch out of the loan if interest rates fall, but this will cost a penalty equivalent to one month's interest payments.
  13. RTZ has performed strongly this year, given a special boost by defend-against-Labour advice, suggesting a switch into stocks with heavy overseas exposure.

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