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Перевод слова

Перевод: swell speek swell

щегольской; шикарный; замечательный; отличный; превосходный;
возвышение; выпуклость ; припухлость ; опухоль ; зыбь ; волнение; вал ; постепенное нарастание и ослабление звука; щеголь ; светский человек; важная персона; шишка ; нарастание; разбухание;
надуваться; раздуваться; вздуться; набухать; вспухать; опухать; напухать; надувать; распухать; пухнуть; разбухать; отекать; возвышаться; подниматься; усиливаться; увеличиваться; нарастать; разрастаться; увеличивать; быть переполненным чувствами; важничать; то усиливаться, то затухать


  1. The quillons were short at this time, curving slightly towards the blade, while the grip was short without a swell, the pommel being usually a simple knob or wheel-shape.
  2. The more awesome the wave, the calmer he became, until, when the swell entered what he called "the unridden realm" of thirty foot and above, he was virtually catatonic.
  3. The first photographic record dates from December 1961, when film-maker Bruce Brown shot Phil Edwards - considered by many at the time to be the best surfer in the world - on a six-to eight-foot west swell.
  4. Easing Golden Girl up under mainsail, Trent watched the motor yacht roll gently in the swell.
  5. There the rise and swell of incomprehensible Latin seemed to have a grandeur that aroused the spirit of poetry in the Gaels, as if they stood on a rocky shore communing with the waves.
  6. Then in the June issue reader Roger James says he has used it and it caused the rubber seals to swell and advise we check that rubber seals are compatible with silicon fluid.
  7. When melted stir in the crumbs and leave to soften and swell for 10 min.
  8. As each swell lifted him, he could see the wall of foam ever closer.
  9. The 30,000 should swell to 100,000 in five years, and the BCS would move centre-stage.
  10. DOCOMOMO is the euphoniously named international working party for the DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the MOdern MOvement, which held its first conference in Eindhoven last month and has attracted an astonishingly strong ground swell of support.
  11. Mr Nicholas Winterton, the Conservative MP for Macclesfield, a consistent Tory backbench critic of the reforms, said yesterday: "I think the number of us might swell once the bill gets underway."
  12. And in Hawaiian terms, the Mediterranean wouldn't even register on the swell scale.
  13. The tow rope sprang taut, plucking the dinghy clear as the swell broke, thundering forward on to the waiting coral.

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