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Перевод слова

Перевод: swap speek swap

мена ; обмен ; сделка ; перекачка ;
менять; обменивать; меняться; обмениваться; махнуться; подкачивать; загружать


  1. SWAP
  2. Mr Jefferies is helping the US Government prosecute GAF not merely because he is a public spirited citizen but in order to be able to swap a prison sentence for the privilege of teaching children to play golf in Aspen, Colorado.
  3. Midland to swap debt for Argentina equity stakes.
  4. GIBSON L-5, 1947, blond, near mint, diamond, offers or swap.
  5. They will again swap in an emergency, but I feel they are best fitted with the manufacturer's specification for the vehicle, as changes often alter the handling for the worse.
  6. Second Division promotion contenders Rochdale Hornets and Featherstone Rovers have agreed to a swap deal between Hornets' 90,000 transfer-listed centre, Darren Abram, and Rovers' 100,000-rated prop, Leo Casey.
  7. MARSHALL 50 watt Artist combo, 1971, immaculate condition, 450 or swap for Super Lead plus cab.
  8. And once I realised that I could swap this grievous toil for a life of tropical beaches, sweet-thighed maidens and minimal taxation, well, you can see how the choice became all-too simple.
  9. Swap for Hayward guitar, cash adjustment.
  10. The countries swap data freely.
  11. The fear is that a nationwide network of police computers could swap unsubstantiated gossip and suspicion about individuals.
  12. Perhaps Trebor can swap information and results with Basildon Bond.
  13. All told, the borough conducted 592 swap deals, related to some 6 billion of underlying debt, far more than the council had actually borrowed.

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