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Перевод слова

Перевод: suspicious speek suspicious

подозрительный; сомнительный


  1. Not that he's suspicious.
  2. What I find a bit puzzling is that, as far as I can see, automatic inspection of passports will eliminate the keen-eyed, guilt-inducing gaze from the man behind the desk who presumably, is looking for doctored documents, suspicious photographs and forged visas and stamps.
  3. Would you ring the police if you saw something suspicious?
  4. There was a second marginal element, this time province-wide, which was suspicious of the leadership, not because of its class interests but because of its lack of evangelical piety.
  5. However, the effective study of crime requires the development of intimate associations with people who are by nature suspicious and unwilling to talk to outsiders.
  6. He was a bit suspicious I must admit when I bought him those Janet Reger nighties but I knew he'd never get the chance to wear them.
  7. "So do you still find anything suspicious in the circumstances surrounding your discovery of the yacht Hirondelle ?"
  8. You should also be suspicious of foods that are known to be potent allergens.
  9. PC Sparkes lodged his bike against Carter's fence, knocked on the door and, getting no reply, he sauntered round the premises peering through each window - nothing seemed out of place or obviously suspicious.
  10. Lessons learnt at their father's knee have made Henry Keswick, the chairman of Jardine Matheson, and his influential brother Simon deeply suspicious of the bosses in Beijing.
  11. Black personalities are being approached to become "father figures" who would encourage suspicious youths to regard the police service as an acceptable career.
  12. The result has been the stimulation of the perfectly natural reaction for those who rely on the priesthood for guidance in these matters, to become suspicious of the integrity of that hierarchy and, as more enlightened thinking proves to be less of a sin than is often implied, lose what faith had been generated.
  13. Seldom was any harm intended but, however genuine, excuses were invariably noted by the police under the heading of suspicious behaviour.

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