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Перевод слова

Перевод: suspend speek suspend

вешать; подвешивать; подвесить; привесить; приостанавливать; откладывать; временно прекращать; временно отстранять


  1. Mr Ahmed Dassu, an exiled opposition leader, appealed to aid donors to suspend immediately contributions to Malawi, except humanitarian aid.
  2. That was good enough to prompt Gordon Taylor, the PFA chief executive, to suspend the threat of industrial action.
  3. At this stage of the itinerary I propose to suspend the journey south and visit the eastern glens.
  4. The statement, signed P. O'Neill, Dublin, said: "Volunteers of the IRA across the six counties will temporarily suspend hostile military operations for a period of 72 hours."
  5. Observers of the DHSS's Medicines Division, including former employees, see nothing but panic at the moment when Kenneth Clarke, the new health minister, decided to suspend Opren's licence.
  6. It claims that the decision of the US National Academy of Sciences in the spring of 1980 to suspend all bilateral symposia, seminars and workshops involving the Soviet Academy, shows how actions often speak louder than words with the mammoth Soviet bureaucracy.
  7. (When subsequently, the hospital became crowded almost to bursting point with the influx of evacuee patients from London, the master reported to the Guardians Committee that, owing to limited cooking facilities and greatly increased numbers, it had become necessary to suspend the existing dietary - which had so displeased Mr.J. - and adopt a more simplified bill of fare.)
  8. The trick is to dissolve or suspend the molecule in drop of matrix material such as glycerol.
  9. The trial judge's decision to suspend the sentence was taken in the interests of the victim and the family as a whole.
  10. Using an open doorway, screw in a hook at the centre of the door frame and suspend the skirt to the height required.
  11. The discovery of 24 Sam-7 anti-aircraft missiles in the debris of a light plane which crashed in El Salvador last month threatened to wreck the summit and led the Salvadoreans to suspend relations with Nicaragua.
  12. He would not agree to suspend drilling but he gave an assurance that work would not re-commence until Wednesday.
  13. An area of mystery is rational to God, but faith must suspend judgement and not press human reason to answer questions when it has insufficient information.

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