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Перевод слова

Перевод: suggest speek suggest

предлагать; советовать; внушать; вызывать; подсказывать; намекать; наводить на мысль; говорить о; означать


  1. In any case, might I suggest that you now forward my subscriber copy in a brown-paper envelope.
  2. He states that: "if a similar stage can be quickly reached in tropical LDCs (Least Developed Countries), and if plantation forests can be established without serious problems of ecological sustainability or pest outbreaks, then prospects for future timber availability are brighter than the currently rapid rates of deforestation in many tropical countries would at first suggest".
  3. Cargo forecasts suggest that a growth rate of 11.4 percent for Europe-Far East trade over the next 20 years will be more than double the expected increase across the North Atlantic.
  4. The Newsons suggest these associations stand out to such an extent that they "can be fairly assumed to be causative".
  5. I would suggest she baths him every four weeks in Vitacoat Gold Seal and uses Velvet coat spray on his feathers and skirt every day.
  6. As You Like It is also very British - it mixes ages and accents and acting styles enough to suggest an island-full of people falling in and out of love, or at least bumping into each other.
  7. We suggest that this might conservatively be estimated at 5 per cent in the case of the Dee Hall.
  8. But if you're about to suggest I marry now for companionship later, don't.
  9. I do not mean to suggest that Lewis thought that the Bible was only half true.
  10. Critics suggest the wage bill element is excessive; the church authorities argue that they work with people through people.
  11. However, police statistics suggest that the total number of such cases is barely more than 100 nationally.
  12. As these examples suggest, the pontificate of Leo XIII (1879-;1903) saw something of a recovery in the political fortunes of the Papacy.
  13. And while British filmmakers began to believe in the "decline of Hollywood" as their guarantee that the increased popularity of their pictures would be permanent, they weren't disposed to tap the Americans on the shoulder and suggest that perhaps they should start thinking about film schools, new talents programmes, script competitions or anything of that sort.

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