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Перевод слова

Перевод: suffer speek suffer

страдать; выстрадать; испытывать; вытерпеть; претерпевать; потерпеть; терпеть; сносить; позволять; дозволять


  1. If your employment contract is broken and you suffer loss as a result, you will probably wish to seek compensation.
  2. If you push yourself to your absolute limits and suffer terribly, the chances that you will be able to motivate yourself to suffer equally in two or three days' time are practically zilch.
  3. From 326 onwards pagan temples began to suffer the gradual loss of old endowments.
  4. Many of these areas also suffer from extremely serious soil erosion, although reports and impressions seem to differ.
  5. I wanted to make her suffer.
  6. Other species of animal are affected by these sorts of organism - horses suffer from a sexually transmitted disease due to Trichomonas equus .
  7. Directly linked to the tapwater issue is the EC's proposal to control nitrates entering water liable to suffer from eutrophication (see the discussion in Chapter 1).
  8. He may suffer a severe personality change from which he might not recover.
  9. Many schools have been destroyed or the students have fled, and these areas suffer from severe shortages of funds, bureaucratic inefficiencies and the difficulties of transport and communications caused by the war.
  10. Attempts to remedy the deficiencies in these statistics suffer from a number of problems and difficulties themselves.
  11. O God, give your grace to the United Nations Organisation in all its manifold work; in its work for the children who suffer so much from the injustices of our society, in education and in health, in the relief of poverty and hunger, and in its work for peace.
  12. The parts of the world - the Third World - which may suffer a loss, real or relative, as a result are generally estimated to have a debt of 1300 billion.
  13. For example, the son who is chosen by his family to go and earn money in a town and city may achieve a certain status in the joint family - he has been chosen, after all, for his abilities and strength of mind - but he has to suffer months, even years, of separation from his wife and loss of all contact with those who love him.

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