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Перевод слова

Перевод: Sue speek Sue

[имя собственное]


  1. "I love standing in for Wogan, but I'm honestly not looking for The Sue Lawley Show with my name in lights"
  2. By launching their cruise missiles, US and NATO commanders would hope that, at best, the Soviet Union might sue for peace, and, at worst, that the West could gain a few extra days when its conventional (non-nuclear) forces might be able to stem the tide.
  3. Sue
  5. But Sue is adamant her new show will be different.
  6. In the case of a small pay cut, for example, we have seen that it is sometimes safer to sue for the amount that you have lost, rather than give up your job.
  7. Sue, a manager
  8. After graduating from Bristol University, where she had been President of the Students' Union, Sue joined the Thomson Organisation as a trainee reporter on the Western Mail and South Wales Echo in Cardiff.
  9. On Sue Davies' retirement in April, Sue Grayson Ford took up her post as the new director of the The Photographers' Gallery.
  10. Income support rise "derisory": This week's rise takes many pensioners back to where they were 18 months ago, Sue Fieldman reports
  11. Covering yourself against the expense of going to law: Sue Fieldman describes schemes that insure a policyholder against the risk of legal expenses
  12. Having taken up her post as director of the Photographer's Gallery, Sue Grayson Ford fills us in on her plans for the gallery's future.
  13. Sue married Hugh Williams in 1987 - each partner already had two children, Polly and Amy, Harriet and Tom, from previous marriages.

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