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Перевод слова

Перевод: subtle speek subtle

тонкий; нежный; острый; проницательный; трудноуловимый; неуловимый; едва различимый; искусный; утонченный; коварный; хитрый; вкрадчивый


  1. It is part of the great skill of the storytellers and the compilers of this material that they repeat events or speeches, but with subtle changes that give the larger narrative not just variety, but tension and further layers of meaning.
  2. It is this relatively more subtle classification system which explains why policemen and women were so concerned from the very beginning with the field-worker's background, schooling, area of residence, affiliations, political opinions, and so on, even those visited on only a few occasions.
  3. Within that slowly changing real total, major changes of pattern will, as I have already said, take place under the pressure of changes in medical practice and changes in medical fashion, as well as more subtle social and environmental changes.
  4. The many hours on the road give cyclists the opportunity to employ tactics varying from the subtle to the murderous.
  5. Subtle, wrist-generated steering inputs don't do as much.
  6. Lise's dance when she sweeps the floor before helping Mother Simone to spin is an excellent example of how the subtle timing of gesture can be and is helped by the appropriate choice of music.
  7. Subtle shades in an informal grouping look well against warm terracotta
  8. Marguerite Yourcenar's subtle, melancholy memoirs are praised by Geoffrey Strickland
  9. Quite apart from being the most down-to-earth thing about us, feet are a subtle source of sensuality.
  10. The attack, in other words, is far more subtle than just pointing out any supposed physical resemblance between Miller and myself.
  11. It should be emphasised that the shape discrimination required is usually much more subtle than could ever be achieved by verbal shape descriptions, and that the heavier tools of mathematics need to be applied.
  12. County are a tall, muscular team and their football, if not subtle, is effective as demonstrated by their fifth place in the Fourth Division.
  13. And he had added a subtle touch for afterwards when the police investigated the catastrophe.

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