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Перевод слова

Перевод: subordinate speek subordinate

подчиненный; второстепенный; вторичный; придаточный; низший;
подчиненный ;
подчинять; ставить в зависимость


  1. After the failure of Amal's assaults, Syria's own subordinate Palestinian units drove PLO forces out of its Beirut strongholds of Shatila and Burj al Barajna in May 1988.
  2. Once initial aims and objectives are established then all other processes and outcomes are functions of, and subordinate to, them.
  3. Explain that you would like to discuss the situation in more detail with your subordinate.
  4. She could be married abroad, in which case her kingdom was likely to become subordinate; or she could be married into a native aristocratic house, which would inevitably provoke rivalry, jealousy and faction.
  5. At some time in the Permo-Triassic one group of reptiles ("mammal-like reptiles") actually gave rise to the warm-blooded mammals, which were to lead a rather subordinate existence during the heyday of the dinosaurs.
  6. In these civilised times, husbands are no longer given the right to beat their wives (and in earlier centuries, even kill them), but society, as well as biology, still places the female in a subordinate role.
  7. When he is subordinate to both of them then a partnership with either animal may be established as an aid to intervention.
  8. By this time, 1940, the German army had overrun France, and in Europe the normal assessment of new drugs was made subordinate to military needs.
  9. Certainly one would have to agree that O'Neill did little to change either the reality or Catholic perceptions of their subordinate position in the polity and the economy but his failure almost certainly owed more to his lack of power than to his lack of desire.
  10. The main feature of the bureaucratic-technical class is that although it lacks effective control over the means of production its members do have control over the labour of others in their subordinate position in bureaucratic structures.
  11. In the Northern statelet, the power of the main protestant churches at present remains subordinate to that of the fundamentalists and the religious political societies.
  12. Local capital is not assumed subordinate because the local bourgeoisie has certain economic and political advantages, which can be used when dealing with multinationals.
  13. How men in high place, and authority Are in their lives and estimation wrong'd By their subordinate Ministers? yet such They cannot but imploy (iv.

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