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Перевод слова

Перевод: strike speek strike

забастовочный; стачечный;
удар ; открытие месторождения; неожиданная удача; находка ; мера емкости; простирание жилы; простирание пласта; забастовка ; стачка ; коллективный бойкот; коллективный отказ; стачечник ;
ударять; ударить; садануть; бить; ударяться; биться; поражать; выбивать; сражать; разить; найти; наткнуться; случайно встретить; направляться; проникать; достигать; добираться; производить впечатление; приходить в голову; вселять; высекать; зажигать; зажигать дугу; зажигаться; чеканить; спускать; убирать; подводить; заключать; подсекать; поддавать; пронизывать; сажать; пускать; ровнять гребком; разбирать опалубку; шантажировать; вымогать; бастовать; объявлять забастовку; искать протекции; просить протекции; захуячить [неценз.]; ебнуть [неценз.]; раздолбать [сл.]


  1. A key ingredient in his rise from a minor counties' also-ran to England strike bowler was a brief coaching session with the Dennis Lillee.
  2. Outside the station a banner fluttered in the wind carrying the plaintiff message: "We are not on strike".
  3. These cuts triggered protests among teachers and a brief strike in some urban centres.
  4. 1981, just ten days after he ended his hunger strike, despite a coronary infarct, Sakharov was evicted from the hospital and returned to his Gagarin Street apartment which is kept under surveillance and frequently searched.
  5. On a Sunday, and the company's on strike, where the hell am I going to get steel?"
  6. In addition, there was great variation in the areas of support and the surviving local strike records offer a confusing and changing picture of strike activity.
  7. BRAZIL can strike a psychological blow for South America's World Cup hopes tonight when they play a weakened Holland, the European champions in name if not substance, in Rotterdam in the Dutch FA centenary fixture that England abandoned because of fears of hooliganism, writes David Lacey.
  8. MILLIONS of black South Africans went on strike yesterday in what anti-apartheid movements called the biggest stoppage in the country's history.
  9. They are also aware of the regional and local variations in the support for the General Strike.
  10. News of the strike made headlines in all the British newspapers.
  11. Just over the mountain in Kentucky is Harlan County, where in 1973 the miners fought a long and bitter strike.
  12. Again, it is a peculiarity of unfair dismissal law that an industrial tribunal does not have the power to consider the fairness of dismissal where at the time of dismissal the employer was conducting a lockout or the employee was taking part in a strike or other industrial action.
  13. Let me put his mind at rest: any notion that the police were impartial disappeared with their behaviour in the miners' strike.

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