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Перевод слова

Перевод: stream speek stream

ручей ; река ; поток ; струя ; течь ; течение; вереница ; направление; класс, сформированный с учетом способностей учащихся;
течь; вытекать; литься; струиться; лить; источать; развевать; развеваться; хлынуть; проноситься


  1. So many men answered her ad she hadn't replied to all of them yet; and the dating agency supplied a steady stream of potential partners.
  2. Apart from the small number of houses in rural areas where water is obtained from a suitable private source like a spring, mountain stream or well, most water is provided through pipes which are called "mains".
  3. In spate it was a terrifying torrent which uprooted whole trees and smashed them to driftwood; in drought it was an evil-tempered stream which grudged them water and tugged the pots from her hands if she did not hold them with all her strength.
  4. In those days, there existed no bridges across the River Thames above the old London Bridge and the ferry at Chiswick was much favoured because it was found that the Eyot broke the stream during up-tide.
  5. My first natural impulse was to shout, to get help from whoever had come: and between intention and voice a whole stream of thoughts suddenly intruded and left me silent, open-mouthed to call out but unsure of the wisdom.
  6. His right hand caressed the gear stick while his left hand constantly fiddled with the knobs on the radio cassette, ensuring that the coach was flooded with, continuous stream of heavy metal.
  7. For example, shifts in energy distribution could cause ocean currents to change direction - and if the Gulf Stream changed course, Britain could be a lot colder.
  8. Tracks like "Black Whip" continue the rap explorations with a starting rap from Aniff which he describes as "stream of unconsciousness.
  9. Our hinterland of the imaginary actually consisted of grass tussocks, brambles, a grove of willows, some hawthorns, a beech tree or two, drainage ditches, a slow and deep brook with steep banks, a weir, twin tunnels which took the stream beneath the main Derby to Nottingham road and, upstream, a wooden footbridge and wobbly stepping stones.
  10. Though unable to sally out to sample the night life, Stirling was not alone, as he had a constant stream of visitors with whom he discussed his ideas, including Jock Lewes who came to see him before departing for Tobruk.
  11. The Painswick Stream provided the power for numerous mills.
  12. Grandma had been found floating in the stream at the bottom of the garden - that lovely little stream, so sparkling and full of life.
  13. And at the very end of the decade, after this chapter had been written, Provincial announced that such was the cost of retaining ageing DMUs that in 1990 some services would be temporarily reduced until more Sprinters come on stream.

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