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Перевод слова

Перевод: stranger speek stranger

незнакомец ; чужестранец ; чужеземец ; иноземец ; чужой ; чужак ; посторонний человек; нечлен палаты общин


  1. Standing at the counter waiting for the coffee, he wondered how he could have let it come about, and he felt a stranger to himself.
  2. You may be no stranger to our Tattoo and indeed this information may come to you at your own request.
  3. Have you noticed the effect of a genuine smile of welcome, how it can put a stranger at ease?
  4. "He was probably a stranger - just a visitor," she said, "who might easily have rushed away.
  5. Violence in the home is as much a crime as violence from a stranger, so do not put up with it.
  6. Over the years she had become a stranger to us, her sisters tending to avoid her; all but my mother, who still wrote to her at Christmas-time.
  7. She looked so competent and self-assured, so hard, so distant from his own thought and feeling that she might just as well have been a stranger, passing by without a glance in the street.
  8. The irony of The Smiths had become strange and was growing stranger.
  9. Well, for instance; one night Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor who had called Stella II a skinny black bitch right in the middle of her rendition of "Te Amo", and he meant it, right there in the middle of his number - well Madame not only showed her approval of the assault by conspicuously buying Stella drinks every night for the whole of the following week; as soon as she saw the fight starting she got off her stool, yanked out the plug on the sound system, hitched up that frock, got straight up on the stage while they were still on the floor (she knew Stella would sort him out) and she went into an unforgettable aria of abuse against this stranger which culminated in her eschewing all her usual magnificence of phrasing and just standing there shouting fuck off at him, screaming fuck off, if you don't like it you can fuck off, E, X, I, T, there it is, you came in through it and now you can fuck off out of it, fuck off out of it why don't you you stupid bastard (and by now of course someone had dragged Stella off and we were all up on our chairs cheering while the disgraced stranger made his slow and humiliating exit through the parting crowd) why don't you just piss off and insult someone who doesn't have the balls to answer back because you've picked the wrong girls here darling, fuck off that's it, fucking fuck off, fucking fuck off right through my front door and don't you ever, don't you ever, don't you ever step on my fucking frock again .
  10. The child's reaction changes according to whether or not the stranger appears abruptly through a doorway while the mother is out of the room, or whether mother and child are introduced to the stranger together; whether the child is approached quickly, unsmilingly and is physically picked up, or whether the stranger hovers deferentially, smiling and offering a toy.
  11. His best writing credits were the sentimental Shopworn Angel (1938), the romantic comedy-drama Rachel and the Stranger (1948), and the tongue-in-the-cheek Burt Lancaster swashbuckler The Flame and the Arrow (1950).
  12. In a way he was only echoing her own thoughts but to hear them spoken aloud and by this unsympathetic stranger was oddly disturbing.
  13. Kilpatrick stopped bidding but still the bids increased until, eventually, to the amazement of all present, the stranger was successful with a final bid of 9,500.

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