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Перевод: stick speek stick

палка ; палочка ; трость ; ручка ; стек ; посох ; жезл ; порка ; колышек ; брусок ; мачта ; мебель ; дирижерская палочка; недалекий человек; туповатый человек; косный человек; тупица [сл.] ; вялый человек; рукоятка ; серия бомб; верстатка ; прут ; ветка ; веточка ; мяло; трепало; резкая критика; наказание;
втыкать; вкалывать; вонзать; колоть; закалывать; совать; поставить в тупик; ставить; торчать; утыкать; приткнуть; натыкать; насаживать; вставлять в верстатку; класть; наклеивать; приклеивать; расклеивать; прилепить; прилепляться; облепить; залепить; клеиться; приклеиваться; присыхать; липнуть; держаться; льнуть; присасываться; вязнуть; завязнуть; увязнуть; застревать; придерживаться; упорствовать; оставаться; выдерживать; терпеть; оставаться верным; озадачить; обманывать; всучить; навязать; вводить в расход; заставить заплатить


  1. Superintendent Bennet from Newbury, accompanied by Sergeant Bull, had found a hiking stick belonging to Henry Tidbury near the scene of the crimes.
  2. We had a short stop for refreshment, got out the pegs and the skyhook and secured an open krab onto the end of a three foot cheating stick (which we had carefully hauled up all the way from the woods).
  3. "If you want me," said Mr Healey, in his Hinterland-enriched voice, "to stick to one subject at a time, well.
  4. Mount the tanks side by side on the firm base and stick a length of sheet glass over the inside joints with a smear of silicone sealer.
  5. "Oh, you can have all the blight and disease, dear," Francis told her, "we'll stick with the sunshine and thrusting buds.
  6. Me, I stick to my old sticks; and I think that the new breed of carbon-fibre rods are characterless.
  7. The biggest problem has been the failure of farmers to stick to the requirement to withdraw the drug at least 10 days before pigs are slaughtered.
  8. And so the mutual help and support which should have typified Christian brothers became a stick which the Western church used in the coming crusade to beat Orthodox and infidel alike.
  9. I stick the bits in my pocket anyway.
  10. Chill for 2 hours or preferably overnight to allow the flavours to improve; remove the cinnamon stick from the sauce and serve.
  11. And then on 10 April 1544 came Henry's chilling order to his brother-in-law Edward, earl of Hertford, to put all to fire and sword, burn Edinburgh town, so razed and defaced when you have sacked and gotten what ye can of it, as there may remain forever a perpetual memory of the vengeance of God lightened upon (them) for their falsehood and disloyalty and as many towns and villages about Edinburgh as ye may conveniently, sack Leith and burn and subvert it and all the rest, putting man, woman and child to fire and sword, without exception where any resistance shall be made against you; and this done, pass over to the Fifeland and extend like extremities and destructions in all towns and villages whereunto you may reach conveniently, not forgetting among all the rest so to spoil and turn upside down the Cardinal's town of St Andrews, as the upper stone may be the nether, and not one stick stand by another, sparing no creature alive within the same
  12. Haslemere sweeper Ferguson and the defence of Crombie, Hull and man-of-the-match Cracknell were pushed to protect 'keeper Bradshaw who pulled off a remarkable stick save.
  13. We took so much stick for those at the time from the diehard "Blues Mac" fans.

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