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Перевод слова

Перевод: stew speek stew

рыбий садок; устричный садок; тушеное мясо; тушеная рыба; тушенка ; беспокойство; волнение;
тушить; томить; варить; тушиться; вариться; изнемогать от жары; преть; беспокоиться; волноваться; взвинчивать себя


  1. In a flower bed close to one of the lavatories, people were crouching like tramps over roughly built brick fire-places, warming a little stew in smoky tins for the evening meal.
  2. And there is a dreadful stew of federal subsidies and tax breaks (for such things as logging in Alaska, irrigation in California, grazing on federal land in Nevada) that actually subsidise those engaged in making the environment worse.
  3. The Arts: Richly comic stew
  4. Fairy Tales by Terry Jones (Puffin, 1.95) CHRISTMAS BEST-SELLERS Based on last week's sales in the children's department of Waterstone's in Edinburgh: 1 Rhyming Stew by Roald Dahl (Jonathan Cape, 7.95) 2 Oi Get Off Our Train by John Burningham (Jonathan Cape, 7.95) 3 Matilda by Roald Dahl 4 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CSLewis (Fontana Lion, 2.25) 5 Prince Caspian by CSLewis (Fontana Lion, 2.25) 6 Almost Everything There Is To Know by Tim Hunkin (Pyramid Books, 4.95) 7 The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter (Frederick Warne, 20) 8 Budgie The Helicopter by HRHDuchess of York (Simon Schuster, 4.95) 9 The Way Things Work by David MacAuley (Dorling Kindersley, 14.95) 10 Peace At Last by Jill Murphy (Walker, 6.95) THE YEAR'S BEST-SELLERS Supplied by Jane Churchill at Children's Bookcentre in Kensington, London:
  5. Hartman is in the forefront of those deconstructionists who want to abolish the distinctions between philosophy, literature, and criticism, reducing them all to a rich textual stew.
  6. The owner, a bachelor in his fifties, slept on a camp-bed in the vestibule of the hostel and cooked on a two ring stove in the courtyard, mostly a kind of vegetable stew as far as I could make out.
  7. The captain gave him a bowl of cold stew which he could only swallow by gulping it down with wine.
  8. A nice little, white little, missionary stew.
  9. That stew of Celt and Teuton, Magyar, Slav, Latin and Scandinavian which comprises contemporary Europe has a good deal of experience in common, not just of wars, but in terms of underlying social and intellectual structures.
  10. This was a large, round, pail-like utensil with an inner lining and straw packed tightly into the space between for insulation, and usually containing some sort of stew.
  11. Alice had picked up a spoon ready to ladle out the stew on to a plate, but she paused and looked at her daughter hard as she said, "You don't know what it's all about, do you?
  12. She suddenly remembered the stew, and the lass - there she was!
  13. The food will revolve around veal stew at about 6.

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