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Перевод слова

Перевод: stench speek stench

зловоние; смрад ; вонь


  1. The heat and stench of the converted barn was suddenly unbearable.
  2. During that time the stench around the house was terrible.
  3. There was a stench of urine, like a foul byre.
  4. Outside these dressing rooms runs a corridor - in other words a haunt of rats - at the end of which there is a water closet which gives off the most terrible stench, enough to upset the stomach of any weak person.
  5. the nuances will be much more finely discriminated in the scent of flowers than in the stench of carrion.
  6. From the darkness of the interior of this well came the smell of burned refuse and decaying meat and the stench of urine.
  7. He had heard their scurrying feet and noisy squeaks, and he had been forced to nip his nostrils closed against their foul stench.
  8. Worse than the smoke was the sickly stench that accompanied it.
  9. The stench of sulphur seemed to increase and Jack rolled over, still yelling.
  10. A white cloth had been placed over her unpillowed head hiding her injuries, but the room was filled with an overpowering stench like smouldering wool.
  11. A stench, which Franca now noticed for the first time, arose from the bed.
  12. Just before dozing off on an air mattress beneath a nylon tent amid the stench of decaying refuse they may reflect vaguely on the curious unevenness of their blessings.
  13. A slight breeze was blowing from the left, bringing with it the stench of a dead bloated cow that was lying against the five-bar gate leading to a field.

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