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Перевод слова

Перевод: steal speek steal

кража ; воровство; украденный предмет; выгодная покупка;
воровать; красть; выкрадывать; стаскивать; угонять; уволакивать; сделать незаметно; сделать украдкой; тайком добиться; красться; прокрадываться; постепенно овладевать; постепенно захватывать; увести; пиздить [неценз.]


  1. If you recognise a sag developing, stay confident in your transit and steal and instant lead over your competitors by staying on the line.
  2. Jean-Marie Chantreux, 28, smirked as he told a Normandy court that he went to the shipping company to steal.
  3. Indeed, steal the relics and one could steal the saintly power which went with them.
  4. Hollywood glamour couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, 25, steal a kiss at the premiere of 30-year-old Cruise's latest film A Few Good Men.
  5. With prices like that, it's a steal.
  6. His trained pet poodle who had been sent to Europe to reconnoitre the scene and steal Mark's clothes.
  7. The Big Steal was a shelved George Raft vehicle.
  8. He built them a pagoda of solid jade and embellished it with precious gems - not realising that to grow up a dragon must accumulate its own hoard, must steal it from Emperors and princes.
  9. If thieves had to transfer cattle out of the district to avoid detection, it was easier to steal animals from these areas.
  10. "I couldn't see his face very well because the leaves and branches were in the way, but I saw him climb the fence and steal the bulbs."
  11. They observed that their right winger, Franck Corrihons, had never dropped a goal until the 73rd minute of the cliff-hanger against Bayonne when, with Biarritz trailing 15-;13, he landed a monstrous 60-metre drop-goal to steal the game and with it a place in the semi-finals.
  12. National interest also allows a member to disregard moral principles in defence of the nation - it is permissible to lie, to steal and to murder.
  13. Fairies greatly value human babies as a means of introducing new blood to their dwindling race, so have been known to steal them and leave a useless object behind.

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