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Перевод слова

Перевод: status speek status

общественное положение; статус ; гражданское состояние; состояние; положение дел


  1. Much of our daily work was ten years in advance of the official police community involvement programmes and yet our actions were only an extension of those social welfare activities the police have been heavily involved in for generations, but which are never given status as "real police work" simply because of the institutional emphasis placed upon summons lists, numbers of arrests, crime detections, and other statistical returns.
  2. A wave of secondary schools will now apply for grant-maintained status.
  3. EUROPEAN POLITICS A small earthquake The collapse of postwar Europe's status quo is not such a disaster, argues Denis MacShane
  4. The rise in the importance of state benefits in the financial status of elderly people over the course of this century is something noted by virtually all commentators, though it should be remembered that many elderly people relied on Poor Law support before the payment of state old-age pensions in 1909.
  5. Bond enjoyed sex without losing his status as a servant of the Queen".
  6. Such a society would be based on two extreme cultures and supported by highly divergent ideologies - the elite society valuing work and, presumably, awarding themselves status and power as compensation for their efforts, and the underclass valuing leisure and, accordingly, not accepting as legitimate the rewards the elite class have given themselves.
  7. The fact that women were less likely to go absent but more likely to be in unfavourable jobs meant that we were misled about the effect of low status jobs on absence before we controlled for sex.
  8. It is extraordinary how few professional organisations have a code of ethics like social works: "Basic to the profession of social work is the recognition of the value and dignity of every human being irrespective of origin, race, status, sex, sexual orientation, age, belief or contribution to society.
  9. Of his six singles, no less than four achieved the hallowed status of NME Single Of The Week, an amazing success rate that no-one else can touch.
  10. Look out for a current KSA membership certificate in showrooms - a KSA logo reproduced in a manufacturer's brochure doesn't always indicate the status of the retailer - check that he's a KSA member in his own right.
  11. Status. - Summer visitor; probably passage migrant; winter vagrant.
  12. Otherwise the London Boroughs are now multipurpose authorities, reviving hopes amongst some observers that the large towns of England and Wales might one day regain their "county borough" status, leaving the county councils free to pursue their former traditional, more rural, role in collaboration with the small parish, town and community councils.
  13. The agreement on the centre's tax status runs for five years.

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