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Перевод слова

Перевод: statement speek statement

высказывание; изложение; заявление; утверждение; сообщение; формулировка ; официальный отчет; ведомость ; бюллетень ; акт ; оператор


  1. You can also request a Saver Plus statement at the Self-Service machines.
  2. In Somerset a jury declared that only a corner of north-west Somerset ought to remain within Exmoor Forest: another Somerset jury made the startling statement that King John had afforested all England!
  3. Its statement spelt out the process: the release of other political prisoners, the return of political exiles, the lifting of the state of emergency and other political restrictions, and negotiations on a peaceful transition to a non-racial and democratic South Africa.
  4. A member wishing to obtain chemicals covered by the regulations for his own use, could apply to the RSC for a statement of his professional standing etc .
  5. The reader knows that it is Zuckerman's statement too, that it is fiction, and is likely to remind himself that it could well belong to the infinite regress of the dualistic indeterminable, where claim and counter-claim alternate indefinitely.
  6. The chapter on "Sickness and the Alternative Religion" suggests how practical substance can be given to this statement.
  7. It is often claimed that hypertension is prevalent in diabetic subjects (Christlieb, 1982), although the evidence for such a statement is conflicting and by no means universally accepted.
  8. Evidence of malice in the mode of publication is illustrated by wider dissemination of the statement than is necessary, such as shouting for others to overhear, or sending an open postcard instead of a closed letter.
  9. The Russian village community belongs to the youngest type in this chain," Hobsbawm, 142-;3, and in the same letter Marx goes on to refer to an "all American author" as one of his authorities for such a statement.
  10. Needless to say, the study of natural hazards is important, a statement brought into sharp focus by the fact that natural hazards account for up to 4 per cent of total deaths in the world each year (Mitchell, 1974).
  11. Levi's statement to Philip Roth about If not now, when? did not mention Babel, but it did mention another Isaac - the Yiddish writer, Bashevis Singer.
  12. "Sir David English was not informed of the visit and in consequence had no plans to attend the Ideal Home Exhibition that day," the official statement announced.
  13. They have issued an eight-page statement, which exonerates their members and puts the knife into all other parties.

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