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Перевод слова

Перевод: stare speek stare

изумленный взгляд; пристальный взгляд;
пристально смотреть; глазеть; поглазеть; пялиться; вперяться; воззриться; вытаращить; пялить глаза; таращить глаза; торчать


  1. On the other hand do not overcompensate and regard the interviewer with a fixed stare.
  2. Leonard stayed like Breavman at the International Student's House, from whose lofty heights he could see across New York "relieved that it wasn't his city," in the day wandering all over New York "to stare and taste at will."
  3. Doyle gave her a long stare.
  4. You can only stare at seemingly tame Dada graphics in nice little glass cabinets.
  5. "I want that," which babies as young as five months "say" with a hard stare and small cries and arm movements.
  6. Hale's eyes stare knowingly at the viewer, a human sacrifice to an alienated and consumerist culture.
  7. It was, Harry says, something of a shock to life a flowerpot and be confronted by the toad's baleful stare.
  8. Then I saw a stem policeman standing nearby with suspicious and disapproving stare.
  9. No X-ray had been flashed up on the screen with a football-sized tumour for me to stare at, and my surgeon was playing his cards so close to his chest there was some doubt somewhere.
  10. Only the plain-clothes thugs of the security police, who can easily be told by their well-fed oafishness, their training shoes and anoraks, go out of their way to move close in and stare down at anyone writing.
  11. "I saw them nudge each other and stare - after all, he is divine.
  12. She spoke in a metallic tone of almost cynical exasperation, fixing Ludens with her intense dark stare.
  13. a moon's enraptured stare:

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