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Перевод: stand speek stand

стойка ; консоль ; подставка ; подпора ; штатив ; этажерка ; тумба ; ларек ; киоск ; стенд ; трибуна ; площадка ; пьедестал ; место свидетеля в суде; место; позиция ; точка зрения; взгляд ; сопротивление; стоянка ; остановка ; остановка в каком-л. месте для гастрольных представлений; место гастрольных представлений; урожай на корню; лесонасаждение; станина ; клеть ;
стоять; вставать; находиться; помещаться; быть расположенным; занимать определенное положение; занимать определенную позицию; быть в определенном состоянии; обстоять; ставить; водружать; помещать; останавливаться; простаивать; быть устойчивым; быть прочным; выдерживать; выстаивать; постоять; держаться; вынос`ить; переносить; терпеть; стерпеть; вынести; устоять; подержаться; подвергаться; оставаться в силе; быть действительным; идти; держать курс; делать стойку; баллотироваться; быть высотой в; угощать


  1. "His investigative talent, which he displayed in this instance, will no doubt stand him in good stead in the future and I hope that he will have a long and distinguished career," he said.
  2. "Yes, all right," said Dolly, "I'll go and stand in the corner in a minute."
  3. Three of the grey slabs stand more than fifteen feet high and the setting is superb.
  4. This is the music playing in a thousand thousand houses while we have our drinks and eat our meals and stand up and shout.
  5. Always stand and sit with your spine stretched upwards, your shoulders back and down, so that the muscles move inwards towards your spine.
  6. DENIS Winston Healey is having a certain amount of characteristically mischievous fun with journalists at the moment, on the question of whether he will or will not stand at the next election.
  7. Stand tickets would not be issued to non-Wasp supporters until after 2pm.
  8. Often, the manufacturers do not even know to what extent their equipment will stand up to RFI.
  9. "If you think we're going to stand for this," shrieked the shrews in their shrill little voices, "you've got another think coming!"
  10. Commenting on her selection, Sue Baring said: "I'm delighted to have been chosen to stand in a part of the country that I have known and loved for many years.
  11. In the name of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (IGLA), I would like to congratulate you on the positive stand that Amnesty International has taken at its recent International Council Meeting regarding people imprisoned solely for their homosexuality.
  12. Sometimes they'd stand it up and watch it fall over, as if justifying their negligence.
  13. Pour boiling water onto the mushrooms and leave to stand for at least 15min.

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