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Перевод слова

Перевод: stalwart speek stalwart

рослый; дюжий; здоровый; решительный; стойкий; непоколебимый; верный;
стойкий приверженец; верный последователь; человек крепкого здоровья


  1. He found the club welcoming, helped by the fact that it was a path south previously trodden by another Leicester stalwart, Les Cusworth, whom Liley remembers watching as a lad of seven or eight at Wakefield.
  2. The decade also saw the passing away of many of the old stalwart deaf missioners, such as James Paul, and they were being replaced by hearing missioners.
  3. At Little St Mary's was the future stalwart enemy of apartheid, Geoffrey Clayton.
  4. "Ask yourselves," he questioned the jury, "is it possible that two exceptionally strong and stalwart officers could be put to death so easily by just one man and a mere youth, or would it have taken at least three if not four men to overcome them and cause such severe injuries?,
  5. Mr Moran, Anfield's longest-serving stalwart, found himself unexpectedly entering a second term of caretaker command last weekend when Mr Souness disclosed that major heart surgery was necessary to keep a 38-year-old frame in peak condition.
  6. Margaret Beckett, the other half of the Treasury team, is a stalwart of the press conference platform and the Labour politician most respected by the Conservatives, although she has not always inspired on the hustings.
  7. A great stalwart, though he never thought he was all that good, oddly enough; at the wicket, I mean."
  8. So great had his concentration been on finishing the maps that Green had had little time to do anything else in those difficult years excepting for a brief visit to Buttermere in 1791, and in 1793 he went to Wales and the Lake District with his stalwart helper Thornton; but in 1794 he revisited Cumberland for twelve weeks two of which were devoted to Buttermere.
  9. A great stalwart of the breed, he was a founder member of the first breed club in the USA and handled the first Rottweiler to win the working group, possibly the best way for a new breed to gain attention.
  10. John's mother, Audrey, joined the Club in 1938 and remained a stalwart in the Ladies' Section up to the time of her death in 1984, and his father Tom served the Club in many ways and was very highly regarded.
  11. SOUTHERN Water is pulling out of Stalwart, its joint venture with French-owned Saur (UK) in the refuse collection and cleansing service business.
  12. And then, when only the stalwart Rosamund was left, the weather suddenly changed.
  13. With his cap pulled down over one eye and the crowds shouting "Go to it little "un", he was a stalwart of Surrey and England.

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