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Перевод слова

Перевод: stake speek stake

кол ; столб ; стойка ; столб, к которому привязывали присужденного к сожжению; сожжение заживо; смерть на костре; небольшая переносная наковальня; участие; ставка ; заклад ; приз ; скачки на приз; доля ; доля капитала;
обозначать пределы; подпирать колом; подпирать стойкой; укреплять колом; укреплять стойкой; сажать на кол; делать ставку; ставить на карту; рисковать; финансировать; поддерживать материально


  1. So much was at stake that jokes were few and far between.
  2. It is widely assumed that Elders will not bother to hold on to any Scottish shares and its 23.7 per cent stake will be acquired and used as the springboard for a bid.
  3. JOHNSON MATTHEY, the precious metals to chemicals group, was given a respite from takeover speculation yesterday after its biggest shareholder, Charter Consolidated, said it had no plans to change its 38 per cent stake.
  4. It is more attractive to LIN shareholders, who will retain an interest in their company, and reduces the exposure to the risk that the US cellular radio market bubble will burst for British Telecom, which has a 22 per cent stake in McCaw.
  5. Given the culture in some countries, such as Germany, where banks readily give subsidised loans to industries in which they have a stake, it seems impossible to put an end to them.
  6. The asset swap, which was unveiled in Stockholm last night, puts Volvo on an equal footing with the Swedish Government, which previously held an 80 per cent share stake in Procordia.
  7. Mr Spalvins holds a crucial 20 per cent stake in Bell Resources and asked Australia's High Court to appoint a receiver to the company.
  8. AMERICAN newsprint and paper products manufacturer, Bowater Incorporated, enlarged by the 300m acquisition of an 80 p.c. stake in Great Northern Paper at the end of 1991, tumbled from a 16.7m profit to a 17.7m (10.1m) net loss in the first quarter of the year, despite a 15 p.c. rise in sales to 373m (214m).
  9. Mr Nick Logan, 45, managing director of the magazine's publishers, Wagadon Ltd, the company in which the Conde Nast group has a stake, and the writer of the article, Mr Ben Summerskill, denied libel.
  10. If the game was for high stakes, if Pound's livelihood was at stake, the more reason for playing the game circumspectly.
  11. ITALIAN-owned RCS Video has bought a majority stake in London-based Majestic Films International, which has been involved in the financing and marketing of a series of successful films including Dances with Wolves and Henry V. Guy East, who founded the company in 1988, will retain a significant shareholding and takes over as chief executive.
  12. City: BT 4bn stake expected to open privatisation sales
  13. Also this week, Fininvest, the Italian master company of Silvio Berlusconi, disclosed a 1 per cent stake in Saatchi's.

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