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Перевод слова

Перевод: stage speek stage

сценический; театральный; ступенчатый;
сцена ; подмости [стр.] ; место действия; театральные подмостки; эстрада ; театр ; сценическое искусство; драматическое искусство; профессия актера; арена ; поприще; платформа ; помост ; предметный столик; этаж ; ярус ; фаза ; период ; стадия ; ступень ; степень ; этап ; станция ; остановка ; перегон ; дилижанс ; каскад ;
ставить; инсценировать; организовывать; осуществлять; быть сценичным


  1. Recent incidents and events on the environmental stage - beginning, at least in Europe, with the explosion at the Chernobyl reactor - seem to have reawakened that ancient fear of nature's retribution that so haunted our hunting and gathering ancestors.
  2. If this has no effect, then it may be worth trying Stage 3 of the elimination diet.
  3. On the other hand, the stage represented by the gens in The Origin , a stage which owes something to Morgan and something to Engels, represents the coming together of the rhetorical and the historical.
  4. "That's enough, lass," said the chairman from his microphoned pulpit beside the stage and drew the curtains on me.
  5. By the time she left the stage - "I Should Be So Lucky" was the predictable finale - both he and his most successful star had survived their sternest test.
  6. At this stage it operates largely in the unconscious but it is soon partly modified by exposure to reality, that part becoming the ego.
  7. Stage one is preparation, stage two is production, and the final stage is follow through.
  8. This empty stage, this empty auditorium beyond, agape like a hollow mouth, had more potency for his mother than ever he and his dry father had; its unreality was more real for her than their reality.
  9. It will therefore affect what happens during the interview, and if it is not done well enough it may prevent you reaching the interview stage at all.
  10. But the results of Fig. 5.2 show that the degree of suppression evoked by a test stimulus does not depend upon whether or not it was appetitively reinforced during the first stage.
  11. I have reached a stage where I can watch television, as long as the programme doesn't require too much attention, and knit at the same time."
  12. Predictably, a much-mentioned colleague absent on sick-leave gets the job two of the characters on stage are rivals for.
  13. All components on and below the solebar were fitted and riveted at this stage, for example, spring shoes.

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