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Перевод слова

Перевод: squander speek squander

расточительство; мотовство; растрата ;
растрачивать; проматывать; расточать; разбазаривать; ухлопывать; промотать; просаживать; проебать [неценз.]


  1. A school can squander its assets if it's playing fields are litter strewn, flower beds trampled, lawns unkept and ponds neglected.
  2. Southwood proceeded to squander a number of chances and Sandrock were indebted to the brave Gardner in goal.
  3. Rather than let them squander the meagre fruits of their labour as they saw fit, their output had to be confiscated by the state for more long-lasting purposes.
  4. Now they've lifted the ban on my going abroad, I'm off to Argentina next month to squander his millions on some really good ponies."
  5. Sutton, who missed with another header shortly afterwards, went on to squander two more excellent opportunities which could have kept alive Norwich's hopes of going to the final for the first time in their history.
  6. Meeting Thomas reminded me that human relations don't have to be like this, that in other countries you open your account in credit, and unless you squander that goodwill by behaving like a complete arsehole, the mutual warmth continues to grow with every subsequent encounter, as though it were natural for human beings to get on together.
  7. Instead, we squander our unique position in society and nation by often giving the impression that it does not matter what we believe or how we behave.
  8. Movements and posture used daily when doing different jobs or in different occupations can save or squander energy.
  9. But that hardly troubled Miss Hazelwood, for her salary was there to squander; to lash out on the soap and a hundred perfumes, satins and silks and frilly things.
  10. Progressive rock was over-dressed, the music of a leisured rock aristocracy, who possessed the money to lavishly construct a LUXURIOUS palace of sound, and the time to squander in excessively fastidious attention to detail.
  11. For ordinary people in undernourished Bucharest to regard the trinkets of capitalism as the symbols of liberty as well as the rewards of prosperity is understandable, but to have the wealth of twenty-three million Romanians to squander at one's will and to choose to watch Kojak or to sit on the sort of lumpish gilt furniture that Western department stores export to their Arab allies would not have suited Caligula.
  12. That lot only know how to squander what other men have earned.
  13. Another estimates that British firms squander 18 billion (30 billion) each year by mismanaging corporate overheads.

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