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Перевод слова

Перевод: sprout speek sprout

отросток ; росток ; побег [бот.] ; брюссельская капуста;
пускать ростки; прорастать; расти; отращивать; быстро развиваться


  1. If you cut them back when they reach a manageable height they'll retain their shape but will sprout a forest of shoots at the top.
  2. Ashley, meanwhile, shatters any possible pretensions towards cool by claiming that Simon Garfunkel, The Beatles and Prefab Sprout's "Steve McQueen" is the kind of music that uplifts him.
  3. We were going to have an 80-foot Brussels sprout flying above Battersea Power Station - and it nearly happened!
  4. If both sprout she will give birth
  5. Brian (twelve, knock-kneed and beginning to sprout acne) has the unshakable conviction that you're panting to hear the entire plot of last night's horror movie.
  6. For those of us with non-pedigree black moggies which sprout a few white hairs, it is comforting to think of their special markings not as some kind of mongrel flaw but instead as a vital and valuable relic of earlier days in the feline history of Europe.
  7. Environment is the soil and water that permits it to sprout and grow, or sees to it that it doesn't.
  8. Capillaries grow in several stages: they sprout from their parent vessels, grow larger, and form hollow and leak-proof vessels.
  9. Its influence extends beyond its seeming limits, causing business parks and shopping centres to sprout at a distance - hence the book's title.
  10. Of the 12 "Peer Gynt" sprout plants, those overshadowed by the 18in tall pea plants are rather more leggy than the others.
  11. Think-tanks sprout in America to an extent undreamed of elsewhere.
  12. Check the underside of the Brussels sprout plants for whitefly.
  13. Quite what these people are on about is unclear but their odd mixture of Country rock Beach Boy Prefab Sprout Lloyd Cole pop (yup, that old one again.

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