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Перевод: spot speek spot

местный; наличный; имеющийся на складе;
пятно; пятнышко; крапинка ; место; позор ; прыщик ; небольшое количество; чуточка ; капля ; глоток ; должность ; место в списке, программе и т.п.; прожектор для подсветки; подвижная фара; наличный товар; товар с немедленной сдачей;
покрывать пятнами; пачкать; накрапывать; обкапать; обкапывать; покрываться пятнами; выводить пятна; позорить; пятнать; узнавать; увидеть; обнаружить; высматривать; опознать; определить; определить местонахождение; корректировать стрельбу


  1. IBM was an early participant in the simulation trials for SPOT, the Earth observation satellite that a French company plans to launch in 1984.
  2. Sometimes, it is this flash of white belly that gives them away when you are roaming the river bank trying to spot them.
  3. You must visit every spot ahead of time to plan what you are actually going to do on the day with your candidate or leader.
  4. Dearden turned Tony Philliskirk's spot kick around the post as Birmingham moved two points clear of Stoke with a game in hand.
  5. To be sacked on the spot, or with inadequate notice, is likely to distress even the most resilient of businessmen.
  6. The adventure of the cripple had made them uneasy and they were not prepared to camp until they were well clear of the spot at which they had encountered him.
  7. Most of you were spot on.
  8. Just over five and a half years later, I stood on the same spot and watched the Israelis drive down the same road to be greeted in precisely the same way by the same Christians on the same balconies.
  9. He was longing to ask Emily more about Vic, but having put her on the spot, he felt that this was not the right moment.
  10. Apart from a spot of camera shake."
  11. Despite retiring while holding the lead, Riccardo Patrese kept his runner-up spot in the championship but Schumacher overtook Senna to claim third place on the points table, an impressive achievement at the end of his first full season.
  12. As he bent his knees for a closer look, a single spot of blood from his cut hand fell on to a wing; shocking crimson on the pale surface, spreading into a crude blotch.
  13. He stopped on the embankment, shaking with cold and shock, to note the spot, then fled along the tractor paths, the dog running with him, to the stables where the ten o'clock children's ride was in its closing stages.

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