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Перевод слова

Перевод: spleen speek spleen

селезенка [анат.] ; злоба ; раздражение; сплин ; хандра


  1. These modified liver cells were then reimplanted by injection via the spleen.
  2. "Whosoever would have it known that he is not of the common herd", suggested Clifford Howard, "develops a spleen against the Hollywood movies."
  3. Strong among the answers from the Rape of Hastings was blame for infiltration from Kent and the continued presence of "wantonness, spleen or illwill".
  4. And a heart, a spleen, pair of legs, some ears
  5. Platelets are removed from the circulation in the spleen and liver.
  6. The spleen hard and much contracted; the Liver disease called Rata Malpigi.
  7. No one had ever wanted to probe my appendix, hernia, gall-bladder or spleen.
  8. Indeed not ten years old she knew such words (and the meaning) as larynx and spleen and rigor mortis.
  9. One sees them as judgments inflicted by the ancestors: the other views them as the consequence of the envious spleen of anti-social, perverted witches.
  10. Lazarus Cohen would have laughed at that; Butler simply vented his spleen "psalmically", whose chorus was, starkly, "O God!
  11. He let out a stream of invective, but the placid face before him took both spittle and spleen without flinching.
  12. The century also delivered a few gorgeous formal feminine odes: the Countess of Winchilsea's address "To Spleen" and Henrietta O'Neill's "Ode to the Poppy", with its almost Keatsian languor.
  13. Not all is spleen, however, as Jarman recalls the exhilaration of discovery and experimentation in the 1960s: "I was young and attractive and everyone was after my arse.

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