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Перевод слова

Перевод: spit speek spit

вертел ; шампур ; длинная отмель; намывная коса; слюна ; плевок ; плевание; небольшой дождик или снег; штык ;
насаживать на вертел; протыкать; пронзать; плевать; плюнуть; сплюнуть; сплевывать; оплевать; нахаркать; плеваться; моросить; брызгать; высказывать; выпаливать; фыркать; трещать; шипеть


  1. But the Florentines to whom Paul Gascoigne is said to be related eat charcoal-grilled steak, chickens roasted on spit, ham, beans and the most beautiful vegetables.
  2. No other band can take an already macabre melody, violate it beyond humanity and then somehow spit out a bona fide song which such contemptuous animosity.
  3. For most of the time the estuary is a huge sand spit here which make an ideal feeding ground for estuary birds - look out for oystercatchers and herons.
  4. TV COMIC Bob Carolgees is flying to war-torn Yugoslavia with Spit the Dog to help buck up British troops who are serving with United Nations forces.
  5. I was sick too of being affectionately called Shitface and Curryface, and of coming home covered in spit and snot and chalk and wood-shavings.
  6. To accelerate a body with the mass of Venus to the escape velocity of Jupiter would require a fairly impressive "spit"!
  7. Best area for the small boat angler is the Exe near the Dawlish Warren spit.
  8. How about "As clouds roll by for me and Dai", or "As clouds roll by I spit in your eye".
  9. More commonly it will perform the SPIT and HISS display, especially if its tormentor is a large dog or an aggressive human being.
  10. I was tired and thirsty and my shin was ablaze, but I could not stop: on, on, on - through a pool of sand - past one dead cow and then another - race across shingle to hit more sand and sink deep - turn backwards - heave, jerk, shout - firm ground again - race into sand - kick the wheelbarrow for its stupidity - stop, heave - trip and fall - get up and heave again - fall face down - spit sand - up and on again.
  11. The suddenness of the spit makes the attacker jump smartly backwards and the hiss that follows alarms it even more; it retreats carefully, watching the dark corner from where the noise is originating.
  12. She and Ellen between them had turned out the dining-room, giving it extra spit and polish because of Christmas.
  13. Those which have the single ring on the hood are found in Assam and Eastern India, and spit venom like the Ringhals Cobra of South Africa which can eject a spray for a distance of 6 to 8 feet and cause severe eye pain, sometimes blindness.

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