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Перевод слова

Перевод: spiel speek spiel

разглагольствование; хвастливая болтовня;
ораторствовать; разглагольствовать


  1. Sleepily goes into spiel about what kind of care would she like, has she chosen a hospital yet, how does she feel generally, this is her first, isn't it, a lot of nonsense talked nowadays about active births and so on, what people fail to realize is that birth is potentially highly dangerous for the mother and the child and that with a bit of foresight and the right equipment it's possible to etc., etc., etc.
  2. Undaunted, Marr and Morrissey went to see Shaw at her home and plied her with spiel.
  3. The hypocrites could continue their spiel for ever, but are destroyed by forces from outside, notably the unexpected return of the master of the house in which they have set up shop.
  4. The next Saturday, armed with my pocket money, I waited for about an hour before the cheap-jack came to the knives, which after a lot of spiel were offered for sixpence - all I possessed.
  5. Blond pop sextoy Sebastian Bach once bowled me over with his combination of genital-stirring good looks and demented spiel.
  6. ( in the middle of a spiel )
  7. But as President Bush puts more goods on the counter for us with his TV spiel about" our culture, our sense of history rolling green fields, sandy white beaches, red-hot jazz," is he selling caviare to a market that only has an appetite for candy floss?
  8. Speaking on the telephone from his home in Brescia, the notorious gay Italian author delivers a breathless and effortless spiel in promotion of his new novel Sodomies In Elevenpoint .
  9. If Klepner's gonna get his job he may as well do the spiel.
  10. AND SO, fuelled by Suggs' earnest spiel about "dignity, pride, entertainment and, frankly, not giving a f- ", Madstock happened.
  11. "They're all music fans there's very little spiel" remark the band, in defence of AM America.
  12. It was a dramatised version of Major's favourite spiel about himself, used to great effect at the parliamentary selection meeting for his present seat 16 years ago.
  13. Launching into a big spiel about the merits of Hammond organs and '60s rarities, he was greeted with baffled looks all round.

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