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Перевод слова

Перевод: specified

точно определенный; обусловленный


  1. Receipt of dividends will depend in any event upon a declaration in accordance with whatever procedures may be specified in the company's articles.
  2. Lord Donaldson said a startling feature of the directives was how little they restricted the supply of the "oxygen of publicity" to the organisations specified.
  3. A sentence has only one invariant meaning, or if it has more than one, as in the case of structural or lexical ambiguity, its meanings can be exactly specified.
  4. Although the long-term aim of the "Blue Skies" project is to lead to new horizons and drum up major new business for BP outside its present main activities, the nature of the research was not specified - only that it should be based in universities and similar institutions at home or abroad.
  5. They met for the first time on May 13th 1794, a date which had been specified in the statute.
  6. Although the usual coefficient of determination or scaled deviance can be used to indicate the global fit of any specified model, it is also important to examine model performance when estimating populations over areal units other than the wards from which the models were derived.
  7. 13.2.3 Subject as aforesaid, any refusal or unreasonable delay (including but not by way of limitation, any delay beyond the date specified in the request) in granting such consent may be referred to the Project Committee.
  8. Part of the LEATGS grant might for example, be delegated for schools to administer, but they would have to spend it for the specified purpose of in-service training.
  9. The Scheme ensures that you may make a claim for any lapse in service within the four specified guarantees.
  10. Spencer Stuart's success rate - proportion of assignments successfully completed to the client's satisfaction within the specified time - has been independently estimated at 80%, much higher than many rival firms.
  11. During the parts of he scheme spent away from the University, the student will work in specified hospitals within the Region.
  12. In the meantime, work was proceeding on the Croydon - Sutton line and the time limit specified in the Act was due to run out by the end of the year.
  13. Clearly, groups of two bases would be insufficient, because there would be only 4 2 = 16 ordered pairs (that is, there are four ways of choosing the first base, and, for each choice, four ways of choosing the second), and hence only 16 different amino acids could be specified.

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