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Перевод слова

Перевод: sour speek sour

прокисший; кислый; квашеный; сердитый; угрюмый; болотистый;
кислятина ; кислый раствор;
скисать; закисать; прокисать; заквашивать; озлоблять; озлобляться; окислять


  1. She hated every minute of the tunnel: the thick, inky darkness, the icy water which dripped from the limestone roof; the dank, sour smell and the lack of air.
  2. It means that Mrs Thatcher's great reforming legacy is safe and will be built on and it means that Britain's Euro-sceptic approach to Maastricht will dominate our coming Euro-presidency at a time when the federalist dream is turning sour all over Europe.
  3. Is this a temporary over-reaction by Germany's friends, sour because their support for German unity seems to have brought them little solidarity now?
  4. They re-climbed the steps to the granite flags and there Karl turned and looked again at the statue, his face still sunken and sour.
  5. Steiner accepted that the Situationists had identified and accurately described the emptiness of everyday life and even accepts their pleas for subversion, but was very sour about what he described as the "depressingly banal" prescriptions of Debord and the "turgid creed" of Vaneigem.
  6. Bitter taste in the mouth (like Pulsatilla, Nux vomica is sour).
  7. Sour old Mr Piggott, who had looked in at St Andrew's, let fall an ejaculation quite unsuitable to its surroundings, and emerging from the vestry door, crunched purposefully and maliciously upon a piece of coke to relieve his feelings.
  8. Even if a paddock or field is green and appears to be thickly covered, the grasses or weeds may be unsuitable and unpalatable for horses - especially if the ground lacks drainage, and the grass is rank and sour.
  9. It wasn't the firemaking that had turned sour on her, it was the ravelled mesh of events and her own emotions.
  10. Not in a great cathedral nor in a doll's house, not in the tumult of a strange new city nor in the once sanctified words of a tough peasant stalking the sour hills of Judah.
  11. Headache with constipation and a sour stomach.
  12. Bottling it up: Spiced kumquats make a sweet and sour surprise.
  13. "Realistically, those same political developments could turn sour unless we maintain a clear sense of forward momentum.

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