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Перевод слова

Перевод: sod speek sod

дерн ; дернина ; земля ; мерзкая вещь; парень ; поганец ; гад


  1. When politicians tell us to copy other European countries, the British are more likely to say "Sod off" than "Hear, hear".
  2. Good job this "licence" has sod all to do with it, innit?
  3. Sod sonic hedgehogs, it's
  4. My mother, an innocent at home, aghast when told that "sod" might mean other than "earth", was abroad easily befriended by complete strangers.
  5. I was kept hangin' about, while they took the poor sod away.
  6. Now in the car you can say Oh sod this I'll back-dive and double, drive this way, down there and you you skip it.
  7. The Tsarevich Nicholas, the future Nicholas II, on a visit to the Far East, cut the first sod and laid the foundation stone of the rail-way station at Vladivostok on 19 May 1891.
  8. Not earth to earth but sod to sod,
  9. By the way they they sank Gedling pit, they cut the first sod the year I was born nineteen oh two.
  10. But the little sod was right - or at least, his side won.
  11. She was happy enough, however, to return to her own frame house, built by her husband after their first five bitter years spent living in a sod hut.
  12. "Yow did that on purpose yer cheeky little sod!" she cried out in surprise.
  13. Those Merseyside bastards are hellbent on destroyin' themselves and every poor management sod unlucky enough to be involved with the plant.

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