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Перевод слова

Перевод: snip speek snip

надрез ; обрезок ; кусок ; лоскут ; ножницы ; выгодная покупка; пустое место;
резать; разрез`ать ножницами


  1. The summer's sprawl begins to be oppressive at this stage in the year and trigger fingers are itching to snip back overgrown mallows, clear out the mildewing foliage of golden rod and reduce the overpowering bulk of bullyboy ground cover.
  2. Snip, the mare, wasn't as friendly or cooperative as Dick, and used to be very awkward when I was I sweeping the hay with her.
  3. A snip at 1,400.
  4. Nigel Martyn, the goalkeeper he bought from Bristol Rovers for 1 million, has turned out to be a snip, his acrobatics saving the day when United penetrated Palace's back four, newly shored up by the strapping Andy Thorn.
  5. Colour half of the remaining royal icing dark green, place in a paper piping bag and snip the end to a V-shape.
  6. SNIP, snip, snip.
  7. A family concern, the directory (a snip at 115) is also mourning the loss of the Federation of British Kipperers, the Lard Association, and the British Experimental Aircraft Association.
  8. They lounged like Romans, taking it in turn to get up, take off the record, snip the wooden needle sharp, wind the machine, place another record on the turntable.
  9. The scissors snip and snip.
  10. snip at your locks.
  11. "I remember one client who burst into tears before I'd taken the first snip," said top London stylist Trevor Sorbie.
  12. For example, it is possible to snip through the genes of the vaccinia viruses (one of which is the basis for the vaccine against smallpox) and stitch in some threads of DNA from the rabies virus.
  13. You only have to snip out the listings in the local paper on Saturday, a column filled with auctions, sales, markets and fairs in an area that stretches from Bath to Frome, Shepton Mallet, Devizes and Wells.

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