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Перевод слова

Перевод: slow speek slow

медленный; медлительный; несообразительный; неспешащий; неторопливый; тупой; с замедленным развитием; постепенный; тихий; скучный; неинтересный; вялый; затрудняющий быстрое движение; идущий с малой скоростью;
копуша ;
замедлять; отставать; замедляться


  1. MORE and more women are turning to expensive cosmetic surgery to slow down the ageing clock - but as our pictures show, it isn't always a cut above less drastic beauty remedies.
  2. The implications were that the dinosaurs were not stupid, slow, cold-blooded animals, said Angela Milner of London's Natural History Museum.
  3. Many of society's institutional arrangements are based on the assumption of stable prices, and institutional arrangements are often very slow to change.
  4. Doyle's breathing was easy, his heart-beat slow, irregular.
  5. Half the English feed fast and early and then go down the pub to drink beer, the other half eat a slow meal late and drink wine before, during and after.
  6. I had fondly imagined that sitting astride one of these slow, sure-footed and allegedly stubborn beasts would be a doddle - which it was when actually in the saddle.
  7. Moreover, hospital early discharge schemes have been slow to develop, yet are immensely popular where they have taken root.
  8. The leading car saw him and started to slow; owing to the narrowness of the road, the ones behind slowed as well.
  9. Late last month, IMF managing director Michel Camdessus said: "The world economy is emerging from a period of slow growth, but with hesitation."
  10. Still, I had happier memories of Enniskillen: of the Horseshoe Lounge in the Railway Hotel (now an hotel without a railway) and a group named "Country Comrades", who played Irish, Scottish and hillbilly tunes fast and slow, while the crowd whooped and danced merrily; of hillside fields and haycocks; of the Bronze Age burial chamber said to be a giant's grave; and of tales of the local footpack's exploits among the Ulster foxes.
  11. "Nigel's left jab is very low, and his big right cross is very slow.
  12. Just slow it down."
  13. The processes of rethinking and reorganization set in motion by the scandals over unprotected children were slow and painful.

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