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Перевод слова

Перевод: sloppy speek sloppy

мокрый; грязный; слякотный; забрызганный; залитый; покрытый лужами; жидкий; небрежный; неряшливый; неспокойный; сентиментальный


  1. What slight hope the East London club retain of sharing in the projected Premier League bonanza was dimmed further here by two pieces of sloppy defending that allowed Chelsea to end a run of four games without a win more easily than the one-goal margin might suggest.
  2. "There is hardly a civilised Fisheries Department in the world that would not ban this sloppy, terrible method of fishing if the politicians would show some backbone."
  3. The early divisions of the mouse embryo seem much more sloppy and between the 8- and 16-cell stages the surface of the clump of cells becomes smooth and at the 32-cell stage there is a single layer of cells enclosing some cells on the inside.
  4. Evans affected not to notice the sloppy touch.
  5. The Welsh fly-half hacked on after a sloppy pass by Bray went to ground and two defenders were beaten to the touchdown.
  6. This chapter aims at motivating godly praying in order that leaders will not be sloppy and selfish, but will be shepherds after the heart of Jesus the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.
  7. Computer-aided design may make a good designer out of a sloppy one.
  8. This broadly corresponds to the usual sloppy style-mag definition of postmodernism, ie, as surreal, self-conscious, convention-mocking.
  9. No sloppy out-station manners were tolerated at Group.
  10. Finger Slapping This finger slaps into that one as wrist gets sloppy
  11. Sloppy handling, poor co-ordination and a lackadaisical defence left them well adrift of Major R V Stanley's XV at Iffley Road yesterday.
  12. The prince stressed that Britain had produced the world's most successful language but, as its use in the media and theatres showed, it had become impoverished, sloppy and limited.
  13. The critic David Thomson thought Schlesinger, "too sloppy an artist to let Ratso emerge as less than adorable, but Hoffman was probably capable of nastiness had he been trusted."

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