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Перевод слова

Перевод: slip speek slip

скольжение; сползание; проскальзывание; буксовка ; ошибка ; промах ; лифчик ; комбинация ; дамская комбинация; нижняя юбка; плавки ; наволочка ; свора ; сдвиг ; смещение; уменьшение числа оборотов; пробуксовка ; буксование; узкая полоска; длинная узкая полоска; щепа ; лучина ; побег [бот.] ; отросток ; черенок ; отпрыск ; бланк ; листок ; карточка ; гранка ; длинная узкая скамья; кулисы ; стапель ; чехол ; эллинг ;
скользить; выскальзывать; проскальзывать; плавно переходить; проноситься; лететь; исчезать; исчезнуть; ускользать; ускользнуть; проскользнуть; проскакивать; шмыгнуть; прошмыгивать; выскользнуть; соскользнуть; поскользнуться; подвертываться; буксовать; ошибаться; сделать ошибку; уменьшаться; ухудшаться; сбрасывать; подсунуть; сунуть; выкинуть; вытравить; спускать; выпускать; спускать петлю


  1. With this as the acquired recording, it was exceedingly difficult - or so it seemed at the time - to slip down from the stress-filled beta-waves of everyday living, to those desired alpha-waves of mental quiet and healing.
  2. Brian Lara was dropped low down at first slip by Wessels off his first ball from Snell, and Keith Arthurton, in his first Test for three years, survived two slip catches off no-balls and another actual chance in his top score of 59, filled with 10 exciting on-side boundaries.
  3. Annabel did let slip that the first thing she had done when she packed up tennis as a career was to lose weight.
  4. Despite their bare feet, our young guides strolled nonchalantly across these sections, apparently unconcerned that a single slip could send them plummeting down the mountainside.
  5. Don't forget, too, the Grand Opera House has two score of inexpensive slip seats sold only after ten of the clock on the day and they are excellent seats too - far better than seats at twenty times their price in great opera houses around the world.
  6. It put her straight back in the classroom, in her gym slip again.
  7. One god raises his hand to the tump-line to slip it off his forehead, whereas others have slipped off their load, and hold them in their laps.
  8. The problem arose when a ball from Aqib lifted sharply and lobbed off batsman Andrew Jones's glove to be caught at slip.
  9. Thus a slip should never become a fall.
  10. Cooke was due to slip below Prean on the next list, which should appear at the start of the New Year, but unless there is a rapprochement between the player and the ETTA, whose chairman is Prean's father John, the rankings will have lost much of their meaning.
  11. Jeff Young is also confident that not too many acts slip through the net cast by his department.
  12. A FREUDIAN slip by Jacques Attali, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, at the Bank's annual meeting in Budapest yesterday.
  13. That remains his only fall, and it was more a case of a slip one stride after landing than a regulation fall.

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