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Перевод слова

Перевод: slime speek slime

ил ; липкий ил; муть ; тина ; слизь ; шлам ;
покрывать слизью; покрываться слизью; удалять слизь


  1. When in 1859 Charles Darwin published The Origins of Species , he had no intention of implying that random mutation of genes and natural selection could account for the emergence of life on earth; but it was inevitable that some of his followers would try to project his hypothesis backwards, and speculate that life might somehow have been generated spontaneously in gaseous, primeval slime.
  2. He tried to wipe the wetness from his mouth using the back of his hand, only to find his face smeared afresh with a foamy slime.
  3. Nothing is impossible in a world which, science tells us, began from the primaeval slime and, taking its time, produced both Shakespeare and Hitler.
  4. He gives examples of oral books, but misses Norman Lindsay's The magic pudding , and anal books (all those miser stories, and comic obsession with slime and mud), characterizing Through the looking glass as a phallic fantasy, and so on.
  5. Some of them were obviously rousing, with children dressed up as tadpoles and frogs in a production called Slime for example.
  6. There he works on the Slime Line, which is basically rather like the Northern Line, but slightly more regular.
  7. But although the hunt for a substitute will go on, it looks increasingly likely that judicial pressure will make Walpole swallow the slime and Mr Weld his promise.
  8. He was dragged out into the light, the creature's awful, Silk-resembled face, alive with the movement of the surface slime that quickened with expectation.
  9. Friedrich Engels singled out the river Aire in Leeds and the Irk in Manchester for special mention: "In dry weather, a long string of the most disgusting, blackish-green slime pools are left standing on this bank, from the depth of which bubbles of miasmatic gas constantly arise and give forth a stench unendurable."
  10. In the West Country you are drawn into its natural beauty by the progress of the seasons and the constant contact with the sea.Whether it be dolphin counting from a yacht or standing in esturial slime to catch a flatfish, the coast is a pleasure ground that rarely disappoints.
  11. After a few months cooling towers are covered in a slime which makes them less efficient.
  12. Slime and sludge covered the floors, everywhere wallpaper hung in tatters, while in places ceilings had come down.
  13. A black living slime seemed to be filling its interior, flowing out like a sticky stream on to Piphros - over the great head, into the mouth, gill slits, and the surgically-made holes of the ears.

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