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Перевод слова

Перевод: sleeve speek sleeve

рукав ; втулка ; гильза ; муфта ; конверт для грампластинки; патрубок


  1. He wiped his nose on the sleeve of his dressing gown and sniffed.
  2. He felt never so manly, tough: and he did not notice the look in Paddy's eyes nor the feel of Winnie tug his sleeve.
  3. And Goldberg, pushing the sweat out of his eyes with the sleeve of his pullover, grabbed the pen and put another question mark in the margin by the whole passage.
  4. When you have drawn the end of the loop out of the left sleeve, pass it over the volunteer's left hand and draw the loop up the sleeve again.
  5. "Alec," he had blubbered, pawing at his sleeve, "yer the only true friend I have in the whole wide world.
  6. Pleased with the group's healthy sales, Red Rhino allowed the band the luxury of a colour sleeve for their third release, the double A-side, "This Boy Can Wait" and "You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends".
  7. The mare was indicating that she did, standing companionably in the darkening stable, lipping at his anorak sleeve.
  8. Their responsibilities include ensuring availability of the master tape to suit the release schedule; overseeing the production of artwork for the sleeve's manufacture; preparing the appropriate campaign for the single or the album release; and keeping within the promotion budget which is prepared with the marketing director.
  9. She plucked a handkerchief from her sleeve and dabbed her eyes with it.
  10. Taylor pressed up a 1,000 copies of the single in a fold-out sleeve.
  11. The sleeve is straightened out up the arm with gentle stroking movements by the unaffected hand.
  12. But he touched her slender arm instead, feeling firm brown flesh beneath the loosely flowered silk of her sleeve.
  13. Tears were flooding her face and she wiped them frantically away with the sleeve of her jersey.

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