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Перевод слова

Перевод: slag speek slag

шлак ; проститутка ; выгарки ; окалина ; ничтожество; развратница ;


  1. vitrified materials, such as glass itself or slag from metallurgical processes.
  2. Part of the wall is constructed from slag blocks, a testimony to the days when Fromebridge rang to the sound of tilt-hammers and roared with the noise of forges - unlike now, a relative peace having once again returned to this lovely and fascinating mill.
  3. It lit up the night sky above the East End of Glasgow like a burning city that was never consumed, every night flaring up again and again with a distant tumult of mountains of slag and iron, drinking the cold air and casting their baleful glow on the clouds that spread over the Valley of Pandemonium.
  4. I would echo your comments and ask Mr Mowforth not to slag off a company before you try them out.
  5. The pit in the sand, now filled with burning liquid, was forming a scum of slag.
  6. In this way, with one small rock fall following another, the flow continues to advance, very slowly, clanking and rattling forward like a shuffling slag heap.
  7. Part of my job as a media commentator is to slag off other journalists - it's what makes it all worthwhile - and I've put knees into the groins of such eminences as Alastair Burnet, Peter Sissons and Donald Trelford, without so much as a raised eyebrow in Kingsland or City roads.
  8. If the soil is acid or lacking in phosphate, lime or basic slag should be applied to ensure a good establishment of clovers.
  9. Gas, from the coke ovens, and waste slag from the blast furnaces are used in making fertilisers.
  10. You get the impression that Roberts could quite happily slag off most of his fellow ufologists in this way.
  11. His new "pyrotechnic constructional material" or Pycoma (Regd,) is a powdered pumice, slag or other low-melting glassy material, moulded with a slow-burning pyrotechnic composition of high gas-output.
  12. From the outside, it may look like a static heap of boiler slag, but it's still very much alive, and mobile lava is still arriving deep within it and pushing forward.
  13. Gedge told Slag fanzine early in 1986: "I don't really know what shambling means.

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