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Перевод слова

Перевод: skirmish speek skirmish

стычка ; схватка ; перепалка ; перестрелка ; перестрелка между мелкими отрядами;
сражаться мелкими отрядами; перестреливаться


  1. The tiny protection parties for these three squads were down to 10 men through casualties before landing, but they led the way, stifling small arms fire from near the burning Forge de l'Ouest, then clearing an enemy trench in a skirmish round a dockside crane.
  2. The drug war is a skirmish, the leftist gangs an irritant.
  3. Allied intelligence assessments suggested that the Communist offensive in Korea was a preliminary skirmish to draw Anglo-American forces eastwards, and to hold them in the Far East while Soviet forces destabilized the politically shaky states of Western Europe.
  4. Officers were not supposed to carry them, but since the sword and pistol were useless in the skirmish, the rule was universally disregarded.
  5. It was a mere skirmish.
  6. The fighting which followed took place spasmodically as the moon emerged from behind a cloud or one side fired at the other's musket flashes and the Battle of Clifton turned out to be little more than a skirmish.
  7. In the ensuing skirmish, bullets struck Richard Baxter's door and windows until midnight when the fighting stopped.
  8. Perkin sat in angry confusion at table six while the racing crowd, entertaining skirmish over, drifted away and got the band re-started.
  9. Senna led from the start and, apart from a brief skirmish in the opening laps, never came under serious pressure.
  10. Green clearly perceived the protracted negotiations as a major national problem rather than a local skirmish over the retention of Chapter III providing powers by one WEA District.
  11. In this initial skirmish his men suffered badly with some 20 killed and 120 wounded, while the rebels, well dug in, had only a single casualty.
  12. The men are too tired, the women too remote from the issues of the day, to offer more than a commentary on the quiche or a flirtatious skirmish.
  13. The uniform, designed more for seduction than aggression, was created by Mr Pierre Balmain who won a pre-podium skirmish with designers Lacroix, Lapidus and Cacherel.

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