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Перевод слова

Перевод: skip speek skip

прыжок ; скачок ; подпрыгивание; пропуск (при чтении) ; прогон бумаги; скип ; бадья ; вагонетка с откидывающимся кузовом; сачок ;
прыгать; скакать; подпрыгивать; перескакивать; пропускать; опускать; опускать часть текста; скрыться; удрать; съездить; махнуть


  1. Other enthusiasts have been trying to persuade us to do aerobics, skip, row and a dozen other things to keep fit.
  2. Skip with legs crossing over In front and arms swinging in opposite direction.
  3. "If I was him I would probably skip the French, but I wouldn't talk about it so far ahead."
  4. Countries in Africa and Asia should be able to skip stages of development suffered by the older industrialised nations.
  5. The Department of Trade and Industry has ruled out an official Companies Act investigation of the flotation, in which the ashes of up to half a million share certificates were discovered in a skip in South London and tens of thousands of other documents were botched.
  6. Miss Florence seemed to skip out of the storeroom and within a minute skip back, displaying a hat on each hand.
  7. Only witches normally practise their rituals "skyclad", though other groups have been known to skip round in their birthday suits.
  8. We'll therefore skip the Hony-Moon
  9. Thacker was leaning against the skip, The Gaffer dangling menacingly from his fingertips.
  10. My favourite story about the caddie who turned an Open in his player's favour concerns the legendary Gene Sarazen and his bag-man Skip Daniels, who he always called Dan.
  11. Skip, crossing one leg in front and kicking your other leg out to the side.
  12. Food and medicine paid for by public donations in response to last year's Skip lunch save a life appeal meant that millions facing famine were helped.
  13. She turned and put her shoulder to the skip.

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