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Перевод слова

Перевод: skinny speek skinny

тощий; исхудалый; кожа да кости; обтягивающий; плотно облегающий; кожистый


  1. He could not possibly be on steroids: he is too damn skinny.
  2. The pale skinny boys identify with Morrissey because he lives out their quandaries.
  3. Then the skinny fey usher in white gloves neatly snips your proffered ticket in two: with a pair of nail scissors.
  4. A skinny Arm, full Shoulders; and,
  5. Roirbak had mistaken her for another boy: a skinny, awkward creature, but pretty in her own way, he conceded.
  6. At the other a skinny youth was going through a pile of invoices, checking them against what must be a goods-inward book.
  7. Her foot ferociously working the pedal, her mouth full of pins, she seems to be constantly warning, or criticising: "How many biscuits is that? or "You'd better watch it, young lady, Pat was skinny at your age and now look at her!"
  8. Skinny eyebrowns .
  9. He called him a skinny runt and a half-grown whelp, and he bellowed with amusement whenever a threatening movement or a deliberately sudden yell of "Boo" caused the boy to flinch with alarm.
  10. Instead he is as incomprehensible as the blurred tattoos which decorate his skinny arms, as jumbled as his own words on What it Means to Be a Skin.
  11. Purists might also check that the lock-stitch at the skinny end is hand-drawn for elasticity and strength and that the keeper-bar, which crosses the tie at its widest point, has also been stitched by hand.
  12. Richard was small and skinny for his age, part of the reason he was in this mess.
  13. Euphemia, get them skinny little legs out of bed!

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