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Перевод слова

Перевод: skid speek skid

подставка ; подпорка ; полоз ; направляющий рельс; скаты ; салазки ; лыжа ; тормозной башмак; занос ; юз ; буксование; хвостовой костыль;
скользить; скользить в сторону; заносить; буксовать; тормозить; ошибиться; потерпеть неудачу; провалиться


  1. With gliders which have a front wheel or main skid, a main wheel just behind the c.g. and a tail-wheel or skid like the K13, Grob 103, ASK21, Puchazc, Schweitzer 233 and most of the older single seaters, it may be necessary to ease back a little during the take-off run to raise the front wheel or skid.
  2. In windy weather there will be a definite tendency for the fuselage to weathercock round into wind unless the tail-wheel or skid is chocked.
  3. "We're getting her ready for the skid pan."
  4. In the end I had to take it to a skid pan to see how far it would go before it eventually lost its cool The answer was as far as its steering lock would allow.
  5. The walkers still have some finger nails left and don't have skid marks in their boxer shorts.
  6. A few seconds later as the aircraft gains more speed, it will need more forward movement to prevent it from unsticking with the tail-wheel or skid touching the ground, and climbing away too steeply.
  7. Kane and Arthur Russell skid the peripheries, imply a distance from the centred subject of pop that is hauntingly suggested by their Plutonic, echoing surfaces of sounds.
  8. She did not try to soothe him, but she took him away from Skid Row, pulling him into a kingsize bed with freshly-laundered sheets.
  9. Tweed drove into the skid, the car responded, he was free of the skid.
  10. It would droop lower and lower until it rested on her knees, then she would clasp her knees with both hands and rock herself, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, moaning, her face hidden in her skid.
  11. Following their advice, Noddy soon learned how to corner in the wet, and how to recover from even the most dramatic skid.
  12. The pedals were fitted with toe-traps, which ensured that I landed chin first in whatever caused the front wheel to skid.

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