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Перевод слова

Перевод: sink speek sink

раковина ; слив ; выгребная яма; сточная труба; сток ; клоака ; впадина ; углубление; выемка ; низина ; котловина ; провал ; приемник данных;
тонуть; утонуть; затонуть; потонуть; гибнуть; топить; утопить; потопить; затопить; затоплять; погружать; опускать; снижать; губить; погружаться; опускаться; снижаться; падать; низко падать; оседать; спадать; терять силу; убывать; утихать; ослабевать; уменьшаться; забывать; предавать забвению; замалчивать; скрывать; проходить; проникать; просачиваться; впитываться; западать; впадать; запечатлеться; вонзать; невыгодно поместить; погрязнуть; погашать; закладывать скважину; проходить шахту; рыть; углублять; прокладывать; вырез`ать


  1. He was clearly not content to sink into idle retirement but was soon full of schemes to open up Hannafore, then reachable only by a path that climbed steeply over a down that fell sharply to the Looe river in a precipitous cliff.
  2. Both had wash-basins, one of which could be changed to a kitchen sink.
  3. She paused to let the words sink in.
  4. She remembers the way the sun would sink down as the combine sliced out the last ranks of the wheat.
  5. Allowance must always be made for wind strength and the possibility of strong sink, since it can never be known beforehand whether there will be lift or sink on the way back.
  6. At night they slowly sink.
  7. Alone, the two girls were playful as they went about their tasks, mischievous at times, even carefully boisterous; but as soon as their father came in they would sink into a beseeching drabness, cower as close to being invisible as they could.
  8. "Raised" from the ruck, originally, by his family's wealth, he doesn't want to "sink", and rejects "the idea of defeat" that prevails in the Third World: "I'm tired of being on the losing side.
  9. All sockets, conduits and cables should be well clear of gas lines and points, and for safety no electrical socket should be reachable from a sink or washbasin with taps, to avoid wet hands touching plugs or switches.
  10. The river system serves simultaneously as a commercial waterway, a source of huge volumes of water for industry, and a sink for the wastes and debris of modern society, as well as a source of food for the human population and a livelihood for tens of thousands of fisherfolk.
  11. Women suddenly discovered they didn't want to stay at the kitchen sink all day; they wanted the fulfilment that comes from work, too.
  12. There is also a kitchenette with two cooking rings, sink and fridge (no oven).
  13. It is as though they could not wait to sink into a dotage spent in permanent contemplation of their childhood.

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