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Перевод слова

Перевод: sin speek sin

грех ; проступок ; порок ; недостаток ;
грешить; согрешить; прегрешать; нарушать


  1. On the other hand, the Christians (who could also echo the philosophers' sentiments) read the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve as implying a flaw in human sexuality, not necessarily as a cause of sin but as a prime expression of selfish egotism.
  2. Another incident followed Richard Baxter's preaching of a sermon on original sin.
  3. Migraine, too, is followed by nausea and vomit rather as sin is followed by remorse.
  4. In science, the cardinal sin is anthropomorphism.
  5. Is Dr Campbell saying that Christ did not really take our sin upon himself but acted as if he did?
  6. But this implies that the world is an entity other than God and God has given it freedom and thus the possibility of "going wrong", of producing evil, sin, pain and suffering, whatever explanation we may try to give of how such things have come about - at least they are only too obvious in the world we know.
  7. Many felt that, in the words of Robert Oppenheimer, "in some sort of crude sense the physicists have known sin - a knowledge they cannot lose."
  8. As for government style, Sir Geoffrey warned that in spite of Margaret Thatcher's revolution there was a pervading temptation for the country to revert to its "besetting sin" of complacency.
  9. The spectacle of extreme cruelty appals, it also fascinates, it may obscure the sin, which then acquires the dignity of a mystery.
  10. What one person would construe as simply permitting a sinner to dig his own pit, another would see as encouraging further sin.
  11. We've abolished, largely, the concept of sin.
  12. I was too embarrassed to confess my sin, and suffered in guilty silence.
  13. He was working as a trainee film editor with Ulster Television in Belfast and, like most young men, pursuing an active life of sin when he felt the Lord speaking to him.

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