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Перевод: sight speek sight

зрение; прицел ; поле зрения; очки ; вид ; взгляд ; точка зрения; мнение; рассматривание; зрелище; смехотворное или неприглядное зрелище; достопримечательности ; большое количество; маркшейдерский знак;
увидеть; заметить; обнаружить; разглядеть; наблюдать; производить наблюдения; наводить; прицеливаться


  1. If the venom strikes his eyes it can temporarily blind him and possibly even permanently damage his sight.
  2. The errand-boy, huge basket on the handlebars in front of him, was a familiar sight.
  3. After this it comes as little surprise to learn that "the earth was corrupt in God's sight, and the earth was filled with violence" (Gen. 6.11).
  4. He criticised those who "planted them under the dropping and shade of large trees, where they seldom thrive and if they do, the pleasure of them is lost, because they are excluded from sight."
  5. On 28 June, before any request had been received from the ruler, Centaur and Bulwark were sailed for the Gulf; the Amphibious Squadron left Bahrein for Kuwait with instructions to stay out of sight of land; the Hunters and Shackletons were flown north from Aden to Bahrein; a Canberra squadron was sent from Germany to Bahrein as well; and 24th Brigade was alerted in Kenya and preparations were made to fly it to Kuwait in chartered civil aircraft.
  6. The light of water showed through the tree trunks as they drew close to the narrow wood along the lake but once on the fringe of the trees they lost all resentment at the sight of the thick floor of bluebells beneath the trees.
  7. He had temporarily lost the sight of one eye, the other was badly disfigured, his nose was broken and there was severe bruising to nearly fifty percent of the officer's body.
  8. The vagrants from the casual ward had disappeared at the sight of the policeman; the street was empty.
  9. If you lose sight of that , all the attention to detail in the world is not a great deal of use.
  10. These are the Asiz, and are a common sight throughout the Turkish military.
  11. Since then she has abandoned her contact lens in favour of glasses, having been told that in time her sight will return to normal.
  12. With the general spread of schooling becoming available, her occupation as a seer waned and Charlotte used her second sight in later years sparingly.
  13. Here we were, approaching the sixth wartime Christmas and still the end didn't seem to be in sight.

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