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Перевод слова

Перевод: siege speek siege

осада ; долгий период времени; тягостный период времени; трон


  1. By 1161 Milan was again in revolt, and Barbarossa assembled a large army in Germany, crossed the Alps in the spring, and laid siege to the city.
  2. If they couldn't be destroyed then they must be neutralized or kept in a stage of siege.
  3. The Craft Village is part of an overall development to be completed by 1993 which will include a siege exhibition centre, a youth hostel and a heritage centre housing genealogical research and conference facilities.
  4. How else were they to account for the martyrdom of Tel al-Za'atar, the huge Palestinian camp under siege in east Beirut?
  5. Mercy for man in medical siege
  6. A recent siege in Sacramento left three Vietnamese gang members and three hostages dead.
  7. With the theatre now under financial siege, these are the only shows now possible to make ends meet.
  8. At once, Richard set forth for Cyprus and after unsuccessful negotiations with Isaac, laid siege to Limassol.
  9. The contemporary "macho" image which Press and public has given to the regiment since they became dramatically aware of it during the siege in 1980 of the Iranian Embassy in London, is a false representation of what it was during the Second World War.
  10. Moreover, the excavations produced much evidence of the destruction of buildings and the massacre of the population, which took place after the successful Roman siege of 211BC, and among the destruction layers were found a number of the earliest issues of the Roman denarius coinage, whose introduction could thereby be dated to 211BC or shortly before.
  11. "A siege that's not a siege in London," murmured Keith.
  12. Alfonso, hearing the news, at once raised the siege of Saragossa and began to assemble his own forces.
  13. An authentic reconstruction of the most terrible nights this country has ever endured - hear the sounds - smell the acrid burning bombed street - experience a British town under siege.

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