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Перевод слова

Перевод: sick speek sick

чувствующий тошноту; больной; болезненный; связанный с болезнью; относящийся к больному; нездоровый; слабый; вялый; уставший; бледный; мрачный; тоскующий; жуткий; пресыщенный; раздосадованный;
больные ; болезнь ; приступ тошноты;


  1. She would have given anything to weep until she was sick, but the pain was still there to stop her.
  2. You'll find an empty bed over there which belongs to a chap in sick quarters.
  3. "And I shall be sick unless you hurry up."
  4. "Sam is sick," said Omero.
  5. We had not been going for more than half an hour when the driver of the sick man's bullock cart came to me and said that all was now well, we need go no further.
  6. "Why say you I am sick?"
  7. She wanted to go down on her knees in all the muck and dust and cry and cry until she was sick.
  8. And enough elderly people did survive as chronically sick, physically maimed, or mentally impaired, to sustain the most negative seventeenth-century images of old age as "a perpetual sickness", "a disease", a time of impotence in the widest sense, "the dregs of a man's life".
  9. "No, no, no sick call," he said, regretting now he had rung the bell.
  10. Marie, sick and trembling, overwhelmed with fear and guilt at her own actions, was already kneeling down with a dustpan and brush, sweeping up the broken glass from the tomato-sauce bottle that had been on the table.
  11. But the 59-year-old, who was sick when the instalment was due, had insurance to cover missed payments.
  12. "We're happy to be rushed off our feet - but we're sick about the closure plans," said ward sister Ali Kimber.
  13. "They are a breed that will enjoy a long walk and they are excellent car travellers - in the 34 years that I have owned them I have never known one to be car sick," she added.

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